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academic cultural heritage
23:12, 2011-Mar-22 Science technique" in the explanation in the academic cultural heritage

But according to the introduction, so far, didn't??yet the whichever person give science technique under of the definition is a people of this world generally accepted, it is more complicated to combine science technique and the real strenght, progress and contribution together a problem.The connotation that discusses science technique originally be not textual aim, but, we could not evade the question again.

The science and technology is two different conceptses the current and explicit differentiation have close contact to usually match to be called "science technique" again.??Differentiation and contact 1.the concept is different.

In the eyes of the broad sense, the science here technique means natural science technique and the social science technical total, the productivity here means to be synthesized component social general productivity by the material productivity, spirit productivity and mankind oneself productivity..

But science technique then point natural science and engineering technique, don't include a social science.Moreover, I return a few problems in the continuous ambition to put forward come with the colleagues company Que's.1 continuous ambition and ex- ambitions how link up better

The concept that a hospital modernizes modernizes(Modernization) on science technique to mean on the forerunner's machine of gearing technique replace old machine.The modernization differs from to use the old machine that a the set new machine goes to displacement one set likeness, because the superiority of the modernization equipments lies in a technique progress, not purely lately old problem.

Science technique means that development and its result of science are producing to practice the application in the realm.Two wars after, science technique advances by leaps and bounds to infused into sturdy motive for social acceleration development.Along with science technique is within the scope of world rapid development, science technique develops in the society in of function day by day obvious.

Science technique's refering to concerning natural science and production technique means generally doesn't include a social science.The together classic experience model compares network model to have stronger percolation ability when the processing takes Zao voice or rarely seen data ratio experience model is strong.

Science technique(mainly mean natural science) is a first productivity and mean that science technique is to the importance that the productivity develops.Section ipod terminal
Learn a technique and pass an usage to practice at the production, thus push and promote a productivity development.

However think at some people of our country nowadays, science technique is to point natural science, science technique relationship with social science, science technique whether includes a social science etc. problem, the Chuang knows up still don't exert unanimously, even someone still doubts whether social science is science, whether is a productivity.

We think that science technique is the important theory of first productivity to break, the science technique in which is pointing science to contain whole technique, be since include natural science, engineering technique, also include the complete system of management science and humanities and social science.

The Japanese LCD front-panel productivity has 14% in the world around, the industry is located on to close west a region.The production line that is subjected to this earthquake influence includes to be located on luxuriant original PL D(original IPS) thousand leafs'6 lines and Be located on the Xu nitric sub- glass board furnace of Yokohama, and Be located on a new ? county and Qi jade county of colorful color filter manufacturer T oppan and D N P.Speaking from big size, Japan big size LCD the front-panel have 6.2%s of global supply around.Among them in three heavy county Kuei-shan Cities, the front-panel factory of summer Pu's intensity is only 2 classes, directly the influence isn't serious.

The Ao Wei consults a vice president gold Xiao Feng mean and see with the front-panel factory, win baby size front-panel the factory is pounded at factory more than the big size front-panel, for example day's signing be all closing east thousand leafs from 2-4.5 lines, the intensity is four classes.Love the Pu livings of 2.5 lines are wild in the growing of Japanese northeast, approaching the temple city may stop production.But see from the supply chain, the influence of the opposite plank upper stream material is larger and Be located on quiet Gang City such as the healthy and peaceful glass board, the intensity influences to 4 classes.Need advertent BE, the day signs the different square for becoming to conduct electricity the gum A CF global supply specific weight very high.If the day signs to become to cease work in the production factory of Ci city county, will influence the supply that the front-panel drives IC.In addition can not what to neglect is earthquake's influence for the energy supply and the logistics conveyance, this will relate to the front-panel factory and the upper stream raw material factory instauration the timetable of production and supply is as usual.

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