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Ground black
19:53, 2011-Apr-6 Ground black pearl in Ta-hsi
The whole world all has to the ground black pearl feeling in Ta-hsi only a clock and wishes to purchase ground black pearl decoration in Ta-hsi such as you,Tahitian pearl how much is your expectation price ?

Although the whole world all has to the ground black pearl feeling in Ta-hsi only a clock, along with farming bead and change the black pearl of color with the radiation the increment afraid of an old-brand pearl continuously article, will be subjected to not small stroke.

Real good species no man asks about,Freshwater pearl while the inferior article pile up one after another again, and this is exactly also the woe of our precious stone field!

I am to learn precious stone consultation of, therefore, to the jewelry store in nowadays of for the sake of or of exorbitant profits, but cut off regardless of the various way of doings deeply bad pain of available means!
If you are the dealer of black pearl,South Sea pearl so I can give you some hint:

Our teacher is also an experienced professor, the wages isn't much also not a few(work salary stratum), they can accept(point to take no account of and then buy the next price) is 1000~~2500 dollars, expensive perhaps will not buy.

So, general customer can accept of price probably such
You of the profits lower, don't be like other so a ten benefits of dealerses a 20 benefits even, can increase you of flowing water.
Want to buy black pearl, visited a lot of house, all said to is ground in Ta-hsi of, but the color still has difference, don't well don't know exactly and very?
The black pearl that moreover wears the house of Wei Ni is what tower hope to lift?Isn't similar?

The ground pearl in Ta-hsi is the only natural black pearl in the world, so there is the black pearl that a lot of lasers dyes on the market, musts notice while buying.The characteristics of ground pearl in Ta-hsi mainly includes:

1:It is the black Die shell that produces arrogant river ground, this kind of shell don't generally of the shell is big, Golden South Sea pearland this kind of sea water pearl each time can only the farming is a pearl, so keep the ground pearl least in Ta-hsi of of also in the 8.5 mms, biggestly can attain 15, 16 mms.
2:The black of ground pearl in Ta-hsi is a natural color, among them with green peacock most is precious.

3:Want to notice to be following while choosing pearl what time:
A:Shape, the pearl is a circle more is more good, however the sea water pearl big parts is all positive circulars and just have the irregular pearl of some Baroque styles in the ground pearl in Ta-hsi.
B:Size, affirmation is more big more good, similar to diamond more rare, the general 8 mms above pearl is getting more rare, however ground pearl exception in Ta-hsi, minimum of ground pearl in Ta-hsi also at 8.5 mms.
C:Sheen, the surface sheen is more strong more good, the surface of good pearl can see his/her own shadow like mirror.
D:Surface minor faults degree, the minor faults is more little more good, more clean more good.

Moreover, Jewellery Manufacturersyou say of the tower is rare to lift is the black pearl of ground in Ta-hsi.

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