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In fact like to be very simple
23:28, 2008-Dec-7  In fact like to be very simple
One winter before dawn a lot of years ago, God spreads a drop of wheat in the hand to the earth carelessly, fall into a peasant family slowly. In the near future, the sob of spreading from that family's room - -It is the wheat that turns into a little lovely girl. This girl is I who am present - -Ice.
Four years later, God granted a wheat to this household again, the younger brother of the ice has come in the world. Then four people of one family live a happy life. Family chat together each time, parents will say: You God one wheat of hand, send, be this, make up a happy family.
At that time, ice reach the age of ten no, there is the thing house wanted. Go to neighbour's place while playing with, the thing that they have something to eat will be taken out, will eat for younger brother and me, two of elder sister and younger brother will shake the head and run away and say at this time each time: "Does not use, there is our one's own house. " It is long, the neighbours will say: You two so fine in whom mother teach you in piece, sensible child really. At that time, I believed, if the mother heard these words sure to be very happy and satisfied.
Yes, it is very sensible to harvest the small ice, she is learning to make parents happy, studying does not allow parents to worry about, be able to pay life by oneself to learn, studying helps them to do some light work. When go out with mother, the ice is never forgotten to draw mother's hands, that kind of cordial sense is always so sweet, so warm.
Remembering night of one winter, whole family sit around by the stove and warm oneself by a fire, the hands of the ice are put up on parents' knee, icing the ice and liking playing with fire at that time. When she filled the rod in the stove, the right hand was inserted in the stove fire too, the right palm was burnt. I remember dimly, that kind of medicine applied on the wound is very special: The earthworm mashes, in addition, the white sugar is mixed together, informal patent medicine. Say too strange, every how long heal by wound. The just right palm has left an eternal scar!
Now later, all of us grew up, parents' burden was greater and greater! Offer the tuition of younger brother and me, support all expenses of the family. For these, life of them short of money, go down south, type worker for less than a few years they care no more to stay outside already, especially father, the life of working as a temporary labourer is tired, bitter! !
Because of these, ice is on that summer vacation when Senior Three graduates, soul has struggled in the thought for a long time, return to, come back decision that section should leave, must move way too just. On summer vacation of that year, I took the car for a dozen hours to go to that city where parents worked as a temporary labourer when being finished in college entrance examination, it is the city of a few years of their life too, later I did not play with friend's classmate, go to watch the scenery in the seashore, but has entered a company of foreign enterprise and held a part-time job.
The achievement has come out, just a training, not that our institute is ideal. It is not the result that the parents see. The father has not planned to let me read. The reason is: Not wanting to stay outside again, errant day has already been tired of. I want to continue reading, they do not say either that object to it without saying to stand.
Always stubborn, persistent I believe one's own for the future way begin, make pieces of agony choose from here - -Do the manual labor. It is continuing the way where they work as a temporary labourer that the ones that said are a bit more clearly, I refuse to obey, true! ! Quick the new term begins, that period of time, look like the ice-cubes solidified in the air of the heat, I can not find the ventilative export! Frequency of smoking is increased what kind of father is the original health rapidly, rise to triple. Mother is only busy with working every day, is talked about few too. Mother is for the father's health, begin the cold war. The ice thinks this is only superficial, mother may think too whether to let me continue reading in the heart, such a thought conflict takes place on the father's body, the even wider shoulder can not be afford to bear the weight of eithered! The ice could not stand their cold war, said accumulating for a few days at last: "Are you very irritated in the heart? If is such life, such a family, then I would rather not read, begin to earn money now. " Go to the stair outside to cry after finishing saying, this is my first time to cry in front of them.
Probably see after such an act of mine, they become reconciled. But the father smokes the bored cigarette all the same. I have courage with father communicate face-to-face, say, come out at heart thing, choose, row with nib trace of paper exchange with father finally:
Dear father:
You have worked hard!
Have thought that for a long time, perhaps has exchanged with you more suitable in such a way!
So for many years, you have been working hard outside all the time for this family, tired, tired. I watch these with the tail of one's eye. However, father, you make me uneasy unusually unusually in these days. Others drink sorrow down, but you use and smoke sulkily, several packs of cigarettes go down in one day, can not your lung stand? Father, if is because the reason why I study lets you torment oneself so, do not take the health seriously. Then I would rather give up, so long as you, mother and younger brother are good. I can give up. In fact I choose to continue reading, have several reasons. First of all, I read for myself, I continue the career of working as a temporary labourer such as you think, very tired, very numb! What I crossed after wanting oneself is good. Secondly, the main one is for you, it is good that I want you to pass later part of lifetime, it is a bit more relaxed. I must diligent in now, for can base on, Come on in society afterwards. I know the high pressure of you and mother, the younger brother is not healthy, all these expenses want both hands by you to earn. Compared with peer, you are several circles old.
Father, for us, for this family, will you suck less afterwards? Forgive me for exchanging with you in such a way. Your daughter.
In September, the money earned by hard toil that I am carrying them began university life.
Summer vacation, I and younger brother go parents that, unseen for ages reunion, happiness that whole family pass. Skin of my eye is like a hickie, may spread to the whole face too. There were ice and younger brother indoor that day, I said: "If if I hickie this spread get whole face, I can jump out of the building! " The younger brother says: "You will jump out of the building, what will parents do? They will depend on you! " I have too sour to utter a word nose, the younger brother's words are touched to the softest place of my soul! Like in pit of the stomach, ache hammer hammer, ache very much  
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