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The most precious thing is free
20:33, 2009-Nov-23 The most precious thing is free
Suddenly discovered, in this world, the most precious thing was free.

Sunshine is free. All living things, nobody can keep out of the sun and live on; But from small to large, have who pay down on sunshine that oneself has enjoyed first fen ever?

Air is free. So long as one lives, need air continually. From ancient times to the present, who buries singly for the indispensable thing of this moment? Buy to sell pawn or star political V.I.P., they breathe full of air in this world free equally.

Kindred is free. Every baby comes in the world, has all received parents' kind care, the ones that deepens the blood vessels and does not ask reciprocating in a share that that is are fond of. Which parents can can say to the child from having: "You for my money I love dearly you. " This share of parents' loves, does not devalue because of the growing up of the child, does not weaken because of parents' aging; So long as parents are still alive, this is easy to remain the same from beginning to end.

Friendship is free. Accompany that person of yours quietly at the time of the loneliness, stretch out that person of the arm to you when fall down, that person clasping you to one's bosom when being sad, ever he (she) Devotion converting to cash,it then is it return to money to cost you?

Love is free. That share can't help adoring, the miss that that share can't be contained, the deep love that that share stands together through thick and thin, the true love that that share helps each other when both are in humble circumstances is exactly life deepest consolation and most solid depending on. And all these, free, whom money can not buy still more.

The goal is free. No matter the prince of the silk clothing jade food, or the waif wearing shabby clothes, so long as willing, can establish a goal for one's own life. The goal can can also with ordinary with greatness, can can also with simple with brilliance, so long as you are willing, you can have.

There is faith, still hope, there are wills, there are dreams   All these are free, so long as you want, you can get. There is spring breeze, there is drizzle, there is bright corona, and the magnificent star brightness   How much moist soul bright landscape in this world, are all free   

Don't be facing toward Heaven and moan and groan again; Heaven belongs to generosity more than to fairness; Heaven has already present most precious everything to everyone freelied.
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