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Happy truth
01:20, 2009-Nov-24 Happy truth
As to happy put one diction, in being most happy. The more you speak, let people suspect your happiness.

Don't want to pursue the thing of happiness,etc. again. Frequently, spread unfortunately because of this. Just as when the romance prevails, you think anxious and fearfully: "It seems I have had to fall in love too. "

Realize the person of one, does not say he has already realized of one,etc.. So happy person, will not say either: "How happy how I am! "

"I want to court my happiness! " But must not say so. When you said so, the devil wandered up and down at your side. "I want to pursue the happiness! " This sentence, prove you are unhappy now.

The happiness is not pursued to, but has already existed and waited for you to go and felt you.

You are always thinking: "Is there higher happiness? " You are always thinking: "I should have more happiness than others! " This piece " " The word is the reason why you are unfortunate.

You think a shop of hand-pulled noodles very delicious, but the gourmet nearby says: "Very generally. " Then while eating, think that there is not taste.
If place happy basis on the outside, whether oneself is really happy or not, do not ask others do not know. But, one's own happiness must be asked to someone else?

You think: "How happy this is! " Others say: "Unhappy like this! " Which party do you believe to reach you?
People suspect a one's own one experience what value does it have personally.

"No matter how happy it will be now you, I am imperceptible, have no way! "
Losing gold coin of one yuans on the ground, you do not lean over, can not pick up it forever.

You do not think you can experience the happiness now, this is the reason why you are unfortunate.
You do not think you can accomplish now, this is the reason why you can not do.

"The problem is, I have no time to experience happiness! "
Love and happiness, just at your side. But if you go, experience, even if they exist, with the same either.

Want to court the happy person all day, can not get forever happily.
Because for him, the happiness exists in the future.

If you can not experience present happiness,
Why can get tomorrow's happiness?

Everyone has had a happy experience, but unconsciously, we have forgotten the happiness is just in the heart, but busy everywhere in order to there is happy condition.
Then, meanwhile, we forgot to hold the present happiness.

It is to be unfortunate, want to become a certain people in order to get the love.

" has happy conditions, I will be happy in the happy truth. " A lot of people think so.
It is right by saying so in a certain meaning. Just, people always get those conditions wrong.

"So long as I have been doing things correctly all the time, can unquestionably get the love, can unquestionably get the happiness! "
Are you thinking so? Oh, that is only your fond dream.

You can not find now happily, will not arise suddenly with your marriage.
With the happiness that your heart could experience, its capacity does not increase with your marriage either.

Whether you are thinking. "If the world changes, I will be happy. "
Begin now, had better not think so.

I do not know the method how could be happy.
And unfortunate person, either think of the happiness of all people, or only want to let oneself get the happiness.

Praised and just felt one's own person with value by others, do if others no longer praise you?
Satisfied in order to let others applaud, has been consuming the person of one's own energy in any case, it is very difficult to be will be happy.

Everyone mustn't go to pursue the happiness, but court " I am not unfortunate " at first This kind of state.
Then, " I am not unfortunate " This kind of state will have gone on all the time.

There are various reasons unfortunately. Too happy to need any reason.

Have you seen?
You think the safest method,
It is actually the most dangerous to you.
It is very simple to lose the happy reason,
You want to keep it desperately.

34.Your own life,
Only have you yourself to begin.
Only sit,
No person comes to bring one you are happy.

Often, pray for others' happiness.

One agrees on with coming by oneself,
For example "  The shoes have been taken off and must be put"  ,etc.,
Then observe these small agreements every day.
If, you keep these and follow small one's own agreement,
" I will be happy tomorrow " This agrees on you and can accomplish too.

Don't read too many TVs or magazines,
Realistic demarcation line that that will let you unable to distinguish the unreal heel.
External information will not bring the happiness to us,
Happy, come to visit only when your heart is gentle.
Its heart from you.

Unfortunate, always belong to and " escort one's own happiness on you " Person.
Happy, always belong to and " hold one's own happiness in one's own hands " Person.
We can " hold being happy in one's own hands. "

We have all sorts of experiences in life.
With the passage of time, we find,
These are only Flavoring agent on the way of life.

If you can hail when gladding,
Cry in the agony,
Then you are happy.
We are acting various roles on the stage in life,
Such as the good person such as able person.
No matter what role it is, so long as put into the performance, you will feel happy,
When the about role, can let you fall into misfortune a too many one.

"It is happy of course   "
We give happiness all sorts of definitions.
But sometimes, the thing will be totally unexpected,
At that time, the happiest.

Hear of the thing glad,
Fall asleep unconsciously.
At that moment, called the happiness.

The happiness is the ordinary existence.
Famous, behave excellently, noticeable, will be very troublesome.
Belong to and content with the dull person happily more.

Hey! Should you decide to experience happiness?
Just here! It is now!
Other things can come slowly,
We can have this thing at once!

There are things that will be done tomorrow, it is very good!
Such a day can be extended, it is very good.

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