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LED lighting adjusts
19:49, 2011-Jun-21

The LED lighting adjusts to only equip design and realization

Along with give out light the diode technical development, LED illuminates because of its longevity life, low achievement consume and the color can control to wait aspect of advantage, make it display in view lighting, signboard lighting and big screen display etc. more and more extensive of applied foreground and development potentialled lighting design, this text introduces a kind of LED lighting to drive device, can expediently control LED of only strong and color, can pass plait distance to carry on a control to several LED patterns, and this system can carry on correspondence through in a string of line and calculator and show the place of honor machine delivers of information.

The 1 LED adjusts light principle

Carry out LED currently, the lighting contains three kinds of essential technique routes,(1) according to three radicle color principle, make use of red, green and blue three radicle color LED synthesizes white light (2)and make use of purple outside LED stirs up three radicle color fluorescence powders, is sent out by the fluorescence powder of synthesize white light,(3) adopt blue light LED stir up Huang Guang the fluorescence powder carry out 2 dollars to mix a color white light.Compare under, adopt three radicle color LED mixture white only, not only can carry out ideal white light spectrum, and the light source color is adjustable, canning make it not only adapt to the color of dialogue light and request higher lighting situation, but also drive electric circuit through a certain automatic control can be adapted to to various color and the bright degree and continuously change and request the accuracy the higher situation.In fact now principle such as figure 112 volt led lighting:

The bright degree that passes control's electric circuit to give out light LED to three radicle colors carries on regulating, it after passing the lens of synthesize bare color and bright degree all will adjustable.

2 adjust light to equip a total project

The 87 LPC762s single slice of machine transmission data goes to three road Ds|the A converts a machine and measure a number conversion in order to imitate quantity, enlarges electric circuit and controls respectively through the power red, green and blue three color LEDses gives out light of strength, control the color and bright degree that LED gives out light thus, adopt the way that the dynamic state scans to several LEDs, is controled two exportations by the single slice of machine and carries son and takes CLK as the basis outputs a string of the triode transistor difference that line signal also convert a spare part control and be placed in a switch work through the string to three radicle color LED carry on ordering bright, complete the control toward the sketch pattern.End, this system can immediately complete to adjust light various functions needed.The string line communication picks up a people adoption RS232 standard total line link with calculator, can deliver pattern or writing that needs to be shown in the calculator to this system and show.

The realization that 3 light colors adjust

Is a D|the A convert chip, can measure a number the conversion measure for emulation.The single slice of machine passes P the DB0-DB7 of the 0 people and AD558 conjunction, carry on proceeding together a data to deliver, controls the height that the AD558 outputs electric voltage with this, output electric voltage to enlarge to control LED through a power the monochrome gives out light of strength.Because the AD558 is 8 Ds|the A converts chip, therefore pass three road Ds|when the A controls three radicle colors respectively it can three radicle colors in of red, green and blue is divided into 25628= exportations respectively, if will three radicle colors arbitrarily the combination is the n biggest to form the combination of 2563=16777216 colors and bright degrees of resolution, passing the enactment of software data can according to the effective demand establish inside the biggest limit arbitrarily the resolution value needed.

4 order LED more to order respectively bright scan of realization

BE outputted signal respectively by single slice of machine P 1 people's three pins, the 74 LS164s goes a string the signal change into to proceed together signal, its exportation carries Q0-Q7 differences and red turquoise blue three radicle color LED Be public to carry a conjunction, can one by one in order output Gao Dian Ping under the control of the clock CLK1.This electric circuit proceeds together for data controls in a string of line, consequently can arbitrarily expand.

5 adjust the correspondence of light device and calculator system

Adjust an of light device and calculator system adoption RS-232 strings of lines correspond by letter standard, it stipulated to send out to carry an actuator and receive to carry to receive the electricity of the machine even the relation and load request, signal velocity and conjunction request etc., the MAX232 mainly uses to complete TTL to give or get an electric shock RS in Ping-ho-232 of give or get an electric shock an even conversionled home lighting.

6 conclusions

Design and created a set of LED to adjust light device, adopted single slice of machine to pass three road Ds\ the A convert output and control LED respectively red, green and blue three radicle color exportation, carry out and illuminate color and bright degree to the semi-conductor regulating of breadth scope, high accuracy, in the meantime pass a string combine the conversion scan a way and make a set of system can control respectively to several LEDs and carry out it is in the tall accuracy control light and control the foundation top of color can constitute aleatoric of quiet, dynamic state pattern or appearance.led lighting residential

The matrix that passes to test model to the actual creation 128 ??s 64 LEDses to constitute carries on a pattern and color, bright degree to carry on to test for 8 hours, the light strong stability in enunciation LED center is in the 280 lxes( lx:Lei gram Si), along with the LED temperature go up light strong Shuai in center Be turned down to 3%, come to an an anticipant control to request level.

Despair sad diary
20:59, 2011-Apr-14

Despair sad diary:I am all so humble and infinitesimal forever ?­?­

A time per time tells oneself doesn't want to much think...
But, who understand pain and sufferings in my heart again?
Even if, the dead drops, who remember me forever again?
Even if, the dead drops, who again sincerely content of drop one every drop tears for me?Forsyth??„?????

Ever, the thoughting of of innumerable died,
Because that is the way that can make me unique to set free pain and sufferings, but in the other people's eyes, what am I again?
Don't cherish oneself?
Or, don't cherish, does the God give my life?
I prefer to, the God has never given me this humble life...

Looking at that fresh gorgeous red, the rowing of a drop per drop feels over the wrist...Be addicted to very much...
Although, I don't want to hurt myself, even whichever person, but, the brain nerve so doesn't listen to a control...??„?????
Life He Yi?The biggest pain and sufferings of life, nothing is better than in, be you feel happy of time, nearby of person but far keep off to open...
Allow your meaningless cry, meaningless flounder, can't return to a past, either...

The soul deep place, the felling of that crime rolls up since then...
BE to the mother's apology, is to own apology...
From that, remember one-time of one act act, the tears imperceptibly fallen off and looking at ground blood and the mixture of tears...
The fresh clear contrast, the ray of light of such as sun mightiness, burns my eyes...

Remember, I once also smiled to speak to the person and died and absolutely wanted dead beautiful dead of of great value, the letting of dead public was painful...
Can, now, but I think, even if die of at beautiful, also is a corpse, dead of, at of great value will be also forgotten, even if dead of is making the public painful, I am still a person of solitary Gu list, a connect heart the smiles all become an extravagant
I, like the flower of the other shore, the flower blooms, 1,000 years all can exist in the other shore...
A life time always insulates...Forsyth Business centre

I usually say that the world abandonned me, but, I have never owned this world, how can say being abandonned by the world again...
Person, this whole life, however be experience these right and wrongs, living life and death dead, be people see through this ruthlessness world of time, is also a moment that hopes to break up...
All say, the life is weak, so want to cherish, be so the convictions are all broken up of time, leave of the nothing but is the mind of death...

I ain't a kid, I understand everything that I do now...
I understand the injury that I am subjected to far far above the concern of those falses...
Person, on the hoof for the sake of what?
Death again is proof what?Business centre
On the hoof just prove death of existence...
But the death just prove on the hoof have already had no a necessity...
I can't depart from this life now, because, I want everything owe of still please...
Wait until, complete everything, be I get real set free of time...
In this ruthlessness reality, I am all so humble and infinitesimal, even is not remembered forever...

Ground black
19:53, 2011-Apr-6

Ground black pearl in Ta-hsi
The whole world all has to the ground black pearl feeling in Ta-hsi only a clock and wishes to purchase ground black pearl decoration in Ta-hsi such as you,Tahitian pearl how much is your expectation price ?

Although the whole world all has to the ground black pearl feeling in Ta-hsi only a clock, along with farming bead and change the black pearl of color with the radiation the increment afraid of an old-brand pearl continuously article, will be subjected to not small stroke.

Real good species no man asks about,Freshwater pearl while the inferior article pile up one after another again, and this is exactly also the woe of our precious stone field!

I am to learn precious stone consultation of, therefore, to the jewelry store in nowadays of for the sake of or of exorbitant profits, but cut off regardless of the various way of doings deeply bad pain of available means!
If you are the dealer of black pearl,South Sea pearl so I can give you some hint:

Our teacher is also an experienced professor, the wages isn't much also not a few(work salary stratum), they can accept(point to take no account of and then buy the next price) is 1000~~2500 dollars, expensive perhaps will not buy.

So, general customer can accept of price probably such
You of the profits lower, don't be like other so a ten benefits of dealerses a 20 benefits even, can increase you of flowing water.
Want to buy black pearl, visited a lot of house, all said to is ground in Ta-hsi of, but the color still has difference, don't well don't know exactly and very?
The black pearl that moreover wears the house of Wei Ni is what tower hope to lift?Isn't similar?

The ground pearl in Ta-hsi is the only natural black pearl in the world, so there is the black pearl that a lot of lasers dyes on the market, musts notice while buying.The characteristics of ground pearl in Ta-hsi mainly includes:

1:It is the black Die shell that produces arrogant river ground, this kind of shell don't generally of the shell is big, Golden South Sea pearland this kind of sea water pearl each time can only the farming is a pearl, so keep the ground pearl least in Ta-hsi of of also in the 8.5 mms, biggestly can attain 15, 16 mms.
2:The black of ground pearl in Ta-hsi is a natural color, among them with green peacock most is precious.

3:Want to notice to be following while choosing pearl what time:
A:Shape, the pearl is a circle more is more good, however the sea water pearl big parts is all positive circulars and just have the irregular pearl of some Baroque styles in the ground pearl in Ta-hsi.
B:Size, affirmation is more big more good, similar to diamond more rare, the general 8 mms above pearl is getting more rare, however ground pearl exception in Ta-hsi, minimum of ground pearl in Ta-hsi also at 8.5 mms.
C:Sheen, the surface sheen is more strong more good, the surface of good pearl can see his/her own shadow like mirror.
D:Surface minor faults degree, the minor faults is more little more good, more clean more good.

Moreover, Jewellery Manufacturersyou say of the tower is rare to lift is the black pearl of ground in Ta-hsi.

academic cultural heritage
23:12, 2011-Mar-22

Science technique" in the explanation in the academic cultural heritage

But according to the introduction, so far, didn't??yet the whichever person give science technique under of the definition is a people of this world generally accepted, it is more complicated to combine science technique and the real strenght, progress and contribution together a problem.The connotation that discusses science technique originally be not textual aim, but, we could not evade the question again.

The science and technology is two different conceptses the current and explicit differentiation have close contact to usually match to be called "science technique" again.??Differentiation and contact 1.the concept is different.

In the eyes of the broad sense, the science here technique means natural science technique and the social science technical total, the productivity here means to be synthesized component social general productivity by the material productivity, spirit productivity and mankind oneself productivity..

But science technique then point natural science and engineering technique, don't include a social science.Moreover, I return a few problems in the continuous ambition to put forward come with the colleagues company Que's.1 continuous ambition and ex- ambitions how link up better

The concept that a hospital modernizes modernizes(Modernization) on science technique to mean on the forerunner's machine of gearing technique replace old machine.The modernization differs from to use the old machine that a the set new machine goes to displacement one set likeness, because the superiority of the modernization equipments lies in a technique progress, not purely lately old problem.

Science technique means that development and its result of science are producing to practice the application in the realm.Two wars after, science technique advances by leaps and bounds to infused into sturdy motive for social acceleration development.Along with science technique is within the scope of world rapid development, science technique develops in the society in of function day by day obvious.

Science technique's refering to concerning natural science and production technique means generally doesn't include a social science.The together classic experience model compares network model to have stronger percolation ability when the processing takes Zao voice or rarely seen data ratio experience model is strong.

Science technique(mainly mean natural science) is a first productivity and mean that science technique is to the importance that the productivity develops.Section ipod terminal
Learn a technique and pass an usage to practice at the production, thus push and promote a productivity development.

However think at some people of our country nowadays, science technique is to point natural science, science technique relationship with social science, science technique whether includes a social science etc. problem, the Chuang knows up still don't exert unanimously, even someone still doubts whether social science is science, whether is a productivity.

We think that science technique is the important theory of first productivity to break, the science technique in which is pointing science to contain whole technique, be since include natural science, engineering technique, also include the complete system of management science and humanities and social science.

The Japanese LCD front-panel productivity has 14% in the world around, the industry is located on to close west a region.The production line that is subjected to this earthquake influence includes to be located on luxuriant original PL D(original IPS) thousand leafs'6 lines and Be located on the Xu nitric sub- glass board furnace of Yokohama, and Be located on a new ?• county and Qi jade county of colorful color filter manufacturer T oppan and D N P.Speaking from big size, Japan big size LCD the front-panel have 6.2%s of global supply around.Among them in three heavy county Kuei-shan Cities, the front-panel factory of summer Pu's intensity is only 2 classes, directly the influence isn't serious.

The Ao Wei consults a vice president gold Xiao Feng mean and see with the front-panel factory, win baby size front-panel the factory is pounded at factory more than the big size front-panel, for example day's signing be all closing east thousand leafs from 2-4.5 lines, the intensity is four classes.Love the Pu livings of 2.5 lines are wild in the growing of Japanese northeast, approaching the temple city may stop production.But see from the supply chain, the influence of the opposite plank upper stream material is larger and Be located on quiet Gang City such as the healthy and peaceful glass board, the intensity influences to 4 classes.Need advertent BE, the day signs the different square for becoming to conduct electricity the gum A CF global supply specific weight very high.If the day signs to become to cease work in the production factory of Ci city county, will influence the supply that the front-panel drives IC.In addition can not what to neglect is earthquake's influence for the energy supply and the logistics conveyance, this will relate to the front-panel factory and the upper stream raw material factory instauration the timetable of production and supply is as usual.

Residential Brokerage
19:26, 2010-Dec-29

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has appointed real estate veteran and sales expert Steven Sims as Business Coachplate heat exchangerTraining Specialist for the Evanston offices as part of a new continued education program, adding to the many resources local agents utilize to develop and maintain the highest degree of service and satisfaction.

?°We??re excited to have Steven lead the new Business Coaching and Training program in Evanston,?± says Patrick O??Rourke,Hong Kong Human Resource Management specialistregional vice president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. ?°His knowledge and communication skills have earned him a reputation as a top agent, known in our industry for his business sense and providing unmatched sales services.?±

Continuing his role as an active listing and buyer??s agent, Sims?? additional responsibilities as Business Coach Training Specialist will take effect immediately.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, a leading residential real estate brokerage company serving Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, Southeast Wisconsin and Southwest Michigan, operates 57 offices with more than 3,700 sales associates. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is part of NRT LLC, the nation??s largest residential real estate brokerage company. NRT,Hong Kong Business Administration in marketing a subsidiary of Realogy Corporation, operates Realogy??s company-owned real estate brokerage offices. For more information

The whole world 4,000,000,000 people bring empty feeling to fall asleep every day and be like we need to take food every day, we have to also absorb praise every day, person says, did "there are 3,000,000,000 people in the whole world hungry every night belly sleeping, but have 4,000,000,000 people to bring empty feeling to fall asleep, because of having never got the words of an encouragement or affirmation all day long." this time words make reference to your heart?A day of end, you fall to sit on TV before the machine and hold the remote control a per the channel jump.Have no, Hong Kong Training specialistthere is no thing that you want.Open refrigerator to unconsciously browse food, still didn't need of ?­.Your soul is thirstily hungry to want to know, you live hard every day and isn't only is bank deposit and credit card limit, but your personal value and meaning in this Earth.

Black young oneself dragon acquires a primary school the encouragement of the state language teacher, even don't class the teacher all knows that he will write a good article, make him not only hope composition lesson every weeks and afterwards also walk to up write an article,Hong Kong ba marketing make a speech and do disciplinal business.

"A words will influence a person lifetime, a lot of people, particularly the person who is a teacher and makes decision a tube, can develop the influence on other people, even if he not Ta-f is big expensive, but is appreciated by person forever" he excitedly says.

Didn't dare since the childhood professor Wu Jing Ji is at the psychology of other people's in front speak up or sing a song,Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketing while just going to the United States to study asking of slowly a word a syllable of instructor Wu Jing Ji:"What subject do you greatly try to teach at 4:00 in Taiwan?" has never once spoken English before leaving set of Wu Jing Ji, in order not to misunderstand, use to write of answer:"English(English)." other party laughs loud and has two seconds, Wu Jing Ji feels shame get ashamed, but from the professor's laughter and facial expression, Wu Jing Ji's consciousness he be not in the derision, indeed as expected he says:"I feel that you are very humorous." Wu Jing Ji at ?¶ ?·write a way in the book:"Comment like this to my encouragement rather big, I feel very comfortable, incredibly can use the ocean Jing strand English and he equal conversation, he ability so aggressive and appreciate of taste to treat me,Hong Kong management and marketingI why return vital part abashed? this conversation experience changed my whole life, from now on I start learning to face expert's face not red, face authority to dare to communicate." Wu Jing Ji afterwards returns a term to teach, establishment the orchid Ling play shop, write book and plait book, influenced a lot of young men.

Tweeze Eyebrows
20:18, 2010-Nov-22

The eyebrows are one of the important parts of the face and having perfectly shaped eyebrows helps in enhancing the overall look of the face. Eyebrows if well groomed will emphasize your eyes and will define your looks. Keeping eyebrows in good shape has become a basic requirement to look neat and up-to-the-minute. There are various shapes that you can give to your eyebrows depending on your face cut and amount of hair growth. Tweezing the eyebrows is an art and it is an advantage if you know how to tweeze eyebrows correctly. Knowing how to tweeze eyebrows will save you the time you would have wasted searching for a good and reliable beautician and the salon. It will also save you a decent amount of money as you will not have to keep visiting a salon often. If you don??t know how to use tweezers to shape your eyebrows, then here are some eyebrow shaping tips that will help you learn the art quickly.

Eyebrows Shaping Tips

  • Tweezing the eyebrows is not as simple as it looks like. One of the common mistakes that people do while shaping their eyebrows is to tweeze too much. Over plucking is one problem that most women face and this forces them to wait for months together before their eyebrows grow back.
  • One simple trick to shape the eyebrows is to remember that the space between your brows should be equal to or little wider than your eyes. One way in which you can find where your eyebrows should go is to hold a long eye shadow brush to the side of your nose. The point where the brush meets your brow is where your eyebrows should start from.
  • One point to bear in mind is to keep the windows open and lights on to ensure that the room is bright. Stand in front of the mirror and check your eyebrows for any trimming. You can cut the long hair at the corners of your eyebrows with the help of a small scissors. This process will not only shape your eyebrow, but will also expose the longer hair strands located at the bottom, within the thickness of your brows.
  • If you want to find the end for your eyebrows, move your eye shadow brush diagonally from your nostrils, following the outside edge of your eyes towards your eyebrow. The point where the inside edge of your brush rests is where you should end your eyebrow.
  • Another easy step to simplify eyebrow tweezing is to observe and select the hair you want to remove. Apply some white eyeliner on the hair that needs to be cut. This will make it easier for you to locate the area to be tweezed, avoiding the risk of over-plucking.
  • Eyebrows should be shaped in a way to reveal a little arch. In order to find the place where your eyebrows should wear a curve, hold the brush parallel to the outside edge of your eyes. The point where the brush meets the eyebrow is where your brow should wear a curve.
  • Clean your skin and exfoliate with a gentle scrub to prepare the area for the tweezing process. If you are worried about the pain caused by tweezing, apply some teething gel for babies and brush the eyebrows up and out. This will show you all the new growth as well as the hairs that need to be plucked.
  • Exercise some caution while working on the top of your eyebrows. Tweeze out hairs that are outside the shape of your eyebrow carefully without disturbing the shape of your eyebrow. Work on your eyebrows from top to bottom carefully.
  • Make sure that you get back and check your work from time to time while working on your eyebrows. It is essential on your part to check your work twice before moving forward to help maintain the shape and to avoid over-plucking.
  • Apply some aloe vera gel over your eyebrows once you??re done with plucking. Applying the gel will reduce the pain and redness caused due to plucking immediately.
Other Important Tips
  • Make sure not to force the tweezers into the skin in order to grab really small hairs. Wait until the hair grows in a couple of days. It is then ready for removal.
  • One simple trick to avoid pain and redness is by holding the skin tight while plucking the eyebrows.
  • Make use of a numbing gel or a spray over the eyebrow area in order to cut down on the pain while plucking.
  • Pluck your eyebrows once a month in order to keep them in shape. Plucking them once in a month will also provide a clear picture of the hairs to be removed as it grows.  jiengw jiowsew woshziede
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Home For A Dog
18:28, 2010-Nov-16

Sometimes, you may just be in need of a change in your life. Or you may just want to adopt a dog. Mainly, it??s just because you feel like a dog will be like a stress reliever in your life, and it will help you to eliminate the daily stress better.

Though, in order to not have any problems with the new member of the family, everybody who??ll be adopting a dog shortly should prepare the house properly for it.

So, how to prepare your home for a dog?

Basically, several steps should be followed.

First, the owners of the house should make sure that there is enough ventilation in the house and if it??s not, they should make something about it. As every dog is quite furry, it may happen to find dog hair all over the house, and in order to not have any health problems, the owners should make an extra window if the room doesn??t geed enough air and make sure that it will remain opened.

Secondly, the sheets should be replaced with anti-allergy sheets. This will be quite in handy to everybody, as the dog hair will be cleanable and the bacteria from it won??t remain on the sheets. However, the dog shouldn??t be allowed to stay/sleep on the bed, just in order to prevent any other kind of infections. After all, we all know that dogs like to take in their mouth from dead animals to excrements. And believe me, you would not like some dog saliva filled with parts of dead animals, right?

Thirdly, always keep in mind that dogs might ?°get crazy?± when they will be alone. There is no reason for their behavior; maybe they??re just bored, or maybe they just want some attention, but they will always use as a toy whatever you may be in need of. So, in order to avoid any unpleasant accidents, house owners should ensure that every electronic and electric device and machine from the house is really fixed in its support, that the dog  can not reach to the paintings and neither to the tables.

Or even better, the dog should have a place of its own where he/she will stay when the owners won??t be at home. This way, no unpleasant accidents can appear and the owners won??t be frightened that something bad might happen to their dog.  beibay ohoh who areyou

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China have insufficient sleep
20:17, 2010-Aug-24

A new study on students' sleeping habits suggests that more than 70 percent of primary through senior high school students do not get enough sleep.

Researchers at Xinhua Hospital, an affiliate of Shanghai Jiaotong University's School of Medicine, found that primary school students get an average of 9 hours and 10 minutes of sleep a night; junior high students get 8 hours and 6 minutes; and senior high school students get 7 hours and 9 minutes. None of those times are enough for each group, researchers say.

A parent blamed a heavy homework load, as well as extracurricular activities that take up even more of a student's time.

"No parent would like to see their child lagging behind at the very start," the parent said.

Yan Chonghuai of Xinhua Hospital said insufficient sleep causes various problems in children and teenagers.

"Insufficient sleep will not only restrain children's all-around development, but will also lead to the decline of children's social adaptive capability," Yan said. "Insufficient sleep will also increase the likelihood of accidents, depression, suicide and hyperactivity."

In 2007, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission ordered primary and middles schools in the city to adjust their schedules so that students could get more sleep. Two years later, a study found that students at schools that adjusted their schedules got more sleep than in 2005.

The researchers of the current study hope education departments nationwide will take similar measures to ensure students have enough sleep. Students in other places may be getting even less sleep than those in Shanghai.

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Billoo said CAIR??s Oklahoma
23:37, 2010-Jul-5

Billoo said CAIR??s Oklahoma chapter filed a similar complaint against
in 2008 on behalf of a Muslim applicant in that state who was denied a job because of her hijab. In September of 2009, the EEOC filed a discrimination suit against the company on behalf of the Muslim applicant.I need a job where I am appreciated for the work I do, not because I fit into their mold,' said Mr. Welch, who previously worked for Abercrombie in Austin before appearing on a season of the CBS reality show Big Brother. 'I thought they had evolved, but they haven he said.The so-called Abercrombie boys who showed up behind Senator Barack Obama during his speech Tuesday night in Evansville, Ind., were just random Obama Plate Heat Exchangerfans...Because they were all wearing T-shirts from
, they stood out in the crowd, even receiving cell-phone calls from friends who had spotted them on television during the speech. Soon the media mentioned them, wondering whether they were part of an advertising campaign, a shrewd bit of product placement by the retailer, which is geared toward the same young crowd attracted to Mr. Obama??s candidacy.

The young men saw a report on CNN and called the network to say they had not planned anything. One of them works at the
store in Evansville. He and one of his brothers and a friend decided to go to the rally; they wear A&F clothes all the time and didn??t think twice about the T-shirts. At the rally, a campaign volunteer asked them to stand behind Mr.Now it looks like Abercrombie will modify its tough-love strategy. ?°While we never and do not ever plan to be a promotionally led business, we are getting better at figuring something out that was completely alien to us,?± said Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie??s chairman and chief executive, during the company??s fourth-quarter conference call. The chain will moderately lower prices.Through the Great Recession, few brands struggled as much as
, the company that sells preppy, casual clothes to teens and young adults. While other retailers were slashing prices to attract consumers, the company was still pushing $90 pants, and stuck to its "aspirational" marketing campaigns featuring half-naked models.

The young men saw a report on CNN and called the network to say they had not planned anything. One of them works at the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Evansville. He and one of his brothers and a friend decided to go to the rally; they wear A&F clothes all the time and didn??t think twice about the T-shirts.Isn??t  part of the RFID development and use? You know ?°spy chipping?± their clothes? I found it ironic that of all the brands of clothes that could have been displayed in the media by random fans of Barack Obama, that the one associated with using the latest tracking devices was the one focused on. Call me paranoid, but I hope Barack Obama is aware of RFID and the very real possibility that there are those out there who have every reason to want to ?°track Obama?±.  

Who to blame for flu?
00:20, 2010-Jun-4

The United States may provide an incubating ground for some flu strains, helping them migrate to warmer climates, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.

For many years, researchers assumed that flu strains were mostly the product of China and Southeast Asia.

But a team at the University of Michigan, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Florida State University found that not all strains of flu circulating in North America die off at the end of influenza season.

Some of those appear to head to South America, and some migrate even farther, the reported. That may have happened with the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, they added.

"We found that although China and Southeast Asia play the largest role in the influenza A migration network, temperate regions -- particularly the USA -- also make important contributions," said Trevor Bedford of the University of Michigan, whose study appears in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Pathogens.

He and his colleagues tested genetic sequences from seasonal flu viruses collected from patients around the world between 1998 and 2009. They built a sort of family tree, charting the relationships among the viruses.

The new understanding of flu may require public health officials to change some of their strategies for fighting flu, they said.

For example, aggressive use of antiviral drugs such as Roche AG's Tamiflu could promote drug resistance if flu strains never really die out in the United States.

"We found, for instance, that South America gets almost all of its flu from North America," Bedford said in a statement.

"This would suggest that rather than giving South America the same vaccine that the rest of the world gets, you could construct a vaccine preferentially from the strains that were circulating in North America the previous season."

The findings could also be used to keep better track of flu strains, the team said.

"By doing this kind of research, we get a clearer idea of where in the world flu is actually coming from. We know that it's mostly Southeast Asia, but now we see that it can come out of temperate regions as well, so our surveillance needs to become more global," Bedford said.

The first cases of H1N1 swine flu were diagnosed in the United States. Experts are still unsure where swine flu originated, but genetic analysis suggests it came from pigs and had been circulating for many years before it was detected.
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Happy truth
01:20, 2009-Nov-24

Happy truth
As to happy put one diction, in being most happy. The more you speak, let people suspect your happiness.

Don't want to pursue the thing of happiness,etc. again. Frequently, spread unfortunately because of this. Just as when the romance prevails, you think anxious and fearfully: "It seems I have had to fall in love too. "

Realize the person of one, does not say he has already realized of one,etc.. So happy person, will not say either: "How happy how I am! "

"I want to court my happiness! " But must not say so. When you said so, the devil wandered up and down at your side. "I want to pursue the happiness! " This sentence, prove you are unhappy now.

The happiness is not pursued to, but has already existed and waited for you to go and felt you.

You are always thinking: "Is there higher happiness? " You are always thinking: "I should have more happiness than others! " This piece " " The word is the reason why you are unfortunate.

You think a shop of hand-pulled noodles very delicious, but the gourmet nearby says: "Very generally. " Then while eating, think that there is not taste.
If place happy basis on the outside, whether oneself is really happy or not, do not ask others do not know. But, one's own happiness must be asked to someone else?

You think: "How happy this is! " Others say: "Unhappy like this! " Which party do you believe to reach you?
People suspect a one's own one experience what value does it have personally.

"No matter how happy it will be now you, I am imperceptible, have no way! "
Losing gold coin of one yuans on the ground, you do not lean over, can not pick up it forever.

You do not think you can experience the happiness now, this is the reason why you are unfortunate.
You do not think you can accomplish now, this is the reason why you can not do.

"The problem is, I have no time to experience happiness! "
Love and happiness, just at your side. But if you go, experience, even if they exist, with the same either.

Want to court the happy person all day, can not get forever happily.
Because for him, the happiness exists in the future.

If you can not experience present happiness,
Why can get tomorrow's happiness?

Everyone has had a happy experience, but unconsciously, we have forgotten the happiness is just in the heart, but busy everywhere in order to there is happy condition.
Then, meanwhile, we forgot to hold the present happiness.

It is to be unfortunate, want to become a certain people in order to get the love.

" has happy conditions, I will be happy in the happy truth. " A lot of people think so.
It is right by saying so in a certain meaning. Just, people always get those conditions wrong.

"So long as I have been doing things correctly all the time, can unquestionably get the love, can unquestionably get the happiness! "
Are you thinking so? Oh, that is only your fond dream.

You can not find now happily, will not arise suddenly with your marriage.
With the happiness that your heart could experience, its capacity does not increase with your marriage either.

Whether you are thinking. "If the world changes, I will be happy. "
Begin now, had better not think so.

I do not know the method how could be happy.
And unfortunate person, either think of the happiness of all people, or only want to let oneself get the happiness.

Praised and just felt one's own person with value by others, do if others no longer praise you?
Satisfied in order to let others applaud, has been consuming the person of one's own energy in any case, it is very difficult to be will be happy.

Everyone mustn't go to pursue the happiness, but court " I am not unfortunate " at first This kind of state.
Then, " I am not unfortunate " This kind of state will have gone on all the time.

There are various reasons unfortunately. Too happy to need any reason.

Have you seen?
You think the safest method,
It is actually the most dangerous to you.
It is very simple to lose the happy reason,
You want to keep it desperately.

34.Your own life,
Only have you yourself to begin.
Only sit,
No person comes to bring one you are happy.

Often, pray for others' happiness.

One agrees on with coming by oneself,
For example "  The shoes have been taken off and must be put"  ,etc.,
Then observe these small agreements every day.
If, you keep these and follow small one's own agreement,
" I will be happy tomorrow " This agrees on you and can accomplish too.

Don't read too many TVs or magazines,
Realistic demarcation line that that will let you unable to distinguish the unreal heel.
External information will not bring the happiness to us,
Happy, come to visit only when your heart is gentle.
Its heart from you.

Unfortunate, always belong to and " escort one's own happiness on you " Person.
Happy, always belong to and " hold one's own happiness in one's own hands " Person.
We can " hold being happy in one's own hands. "

We have all sorts of experiences in life.
With the passage of time, we find,
These are only Flavoring agent on the way of life.

If you can hail when gladding,
Cry in the agony,
Then you are happy.
We are acting various roles on the stage in life,
Such as the good person such as able person.
No matter what role it is, so long as put into the performance, you will feel happy,
When the about role, can let you fall into misfortune a too many one.

"It is happy of course   "
We give happiness all sorts of definitions.
But sometimes, the thing will be totally unexpected,
At that time, the happiest.

Hear of the thing glad,
Fall asleep unconsciously.
At that moment, called the happiness.

The happiness is the ordinary existence.
Famous, behave excellently, noticeable, will be very troublesome.
Belong to and content with the dull person happily more.

Hey! Should you decide to experience happiness?
Just here! It is now!
Other things can come slowly,
We can have this thing at once!

There are things that will be done tomorrow, it is very good!
Such a day can be extended, it is very good.

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The most precious thing is free
20:33, 2009-Nov-23

The most precious thing is free
Suddenly discovered, in this world, the most precious thing was free.

Sunshine is free. All living things, nobody can keep out of the sun and live on; But from small to large, have who pay down on sunshine that oneself has enjoyed first fen ever?

Air is free. So long as one lives, need air continually. From ancient times to the present, who buries singly for the indispensable thing of this moment? Buy to sell pawn or star political V.I.P., they breathe full of air in this world free equally.

Kindred is free. Every baby comes in the world, has all received parents' kind care, the ones that deepens the blood vessels and does not ask reciprocating in a share that that is are fond of. Which parents can can say to the child from having: "You for my money I love dearly you. " This share of parents' loves, does not devalue because of the growing up of the child, does not weaken because of parents' aging; So long as parents are still alive, this is easy to remain the same from beginning to end.

Friendship is free. Accompany that person of yours quietly at the time of the loneliness, stretch out that person of the arm to you when fall down, that person clasping you to one's bosom when being sad, ever he (she) Devotion converting to cash,it then is it return to money to cost you?

Love is free. That share can't help adoring, the miss that that share can't be contained, the deep love that that share stands together through thick and thin, the true love that that share helps each other when both are in humble circumstances is exactly life deepest consolation and most solid depending on. And all these, free, whom money can not buy still more.

The goal is free. No matter the prince of the silk clothing jade food, or the waif wearing shabby clothes, so long as willing, can establish a goal for one's own life. The goal can can also with ordinary with greatness, can can also with simple with brilliance, so long as you are willing, you can have.

There is faith, still hope, there are wills, there are dreams   All these are free, so long as you want, you can get. There is spring breeze, there is drizzle, there is bright corona, and the magnificent star brightness   How much moist soul bright landscape in this world, are all free   

Don't be facing toward Heaven and moan and groan again; Heaven belongs to generosity more than to fairness; Heaven has already present most precious everything to everyone freelied.
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In fact like to be very simple
23:28, 2008-Dec-7

 In fact like to be very simple
One winter before dawn a lot of years ago, God spreads a drop of wheat in the hand to the earth carelessly, fall into a peasant family slowly. In the near future, the sob of spreading from that family's room - -It is the wheat that turns into a little lovely girl. This girl is I who am present - -Ice.
Four years later, God granted a wheat to this household again, the younger brother of the ice has come in the world. Then four people of one family live a happy life. Family chat together each time, parents will say: You God one wheat of hand, send, be this, make up a happy family.
At that time, ice reach the age of ten no, there is the thing house wanted. Go to neighbour's place while playing with, the thing that they have something to eat will be taken out, will eat for younger brother and me, two of elder sister and younger brother will shake the head and run away and say at this time each time: "Does not use, there is our one's own house. " It is long, the neighbours will say: You two so fine in whom mother teach you in piece, sensible child really. At that time, I believed, if the mother heard these words sure to be very happy and satisfied.
Yes, it is very sensible to harvest the small ice, she is learning to make parents happy, studying does not allow parents to worry about, be able to pay life by oneself to learn, studying helps them to do some light work. When go out with mother, the ice is never forgotten to draw mother's hands, that kind of cordial sense is always so sweet, so warm.
Remembering night of one winter, whole family sit around by the stove and warm oneself by a fire, the hands of the ice are put up on parents' knee, icing the ice and liking playing with fire at that time. When she filled the rod in the stove, the right hand was inserted in the stove fire too, the right palm was burnt. I remember dimly, that kind of medicine applied on the wound is very special: The earthworm mashes, in addition, the white sugar is mixed together, informal patent medicine. Say too strange, every how long heal by wound. The just right palm has left an eternal scar!
Now later, all of us grew up, parents' burden was greater and greater! Offer the tuition of younger brother and me, support all expenses of the family. For these, life of them short of money, go down south, type worker for less than a few years they care no more to stay outside already, especially father, the life of working as a temporary labourer is tired, bitter! !
Because of these, ice is on that summer vacation when Senior Three graduates, soul has struggled in the thought for a long time, return to, come back decision that section should leave, must move way too just. On summer vacation of that year, I took the car for a dozen hours to go to that city where parents worked as a temporary labourer when being finished in college entrance examination, it is the city of a few years of their life too, later I did not play with friend's classmate, go to watch the scenery in the seashore, but has entered a company of foreign enterprise and held a part-time job.
The achievement has come out, just a training, not that our institute is ideal. It is not the result that the parents see. The father has not planned to let me read. The reason is: Not wanting to stay outside again, errant day has already been tired of. I want to continue reading, they do not say either that object to it without saying to stand.
Always stubborn, persistent I believe one's own for the future way begin, make pieces of agony choose from here - -Do the manual labor. It is continuing the way where they work as a temporary labourer that the ones that said are a bit more clearly, I refuse to obey, true! ! Quick the new term begins, that period of time, look like the ice-cubes solidified in the air of the heat, I can not find the ventilative export! Frequency of smoking is increased what kind of father is the original health rapidly, rise to triple. Mother is only busy with working every day, is talked about few too. Mother is for the father's health, begin the cold war. The ice thinks this is only superficial, mother may think too whether to let me continue reading in the heart, such a thought conflict takes place on the father's body, the even wider shoulder can not be afford to bear the weight of eithered! The ice could not stand their cold war, said accumulating for a few days at last: "Are you very irritated in the heart? If is such life, such a family, then I would rather not read, begin to earn money now. " Go to the stair outside to cry after finishing saying, this is my first time to cry in front of them.
Probably see after such an act of mine, they become reconciled. But the father smokes the bored cigarette all the same. I have courage with father communicate face-to-face, say, come out at heart thing, choose, row with nib trace of paper exchange with father finally:
Dear father:
You have worked hard!
Have thought that for a long time, perhaps has exchanged with you more suitable in such a way!
So for many years, you have been working hard outside all the time for this family, tired, tired. I watch these with the tail of one's eye. However, father, you make me uneasy unusually unusually in these days. Others drink sorrow down, but you use and smoke sulkily, several packs of cigarettes go down in one day, can not your lung stand? Father, if is because the reason why I study lets you torment oneself so, do not take the health seriously. Then I would rather give up, so long as you, mother and younger brother are good. I can give up. In fact I choose to continue reading, have several reasons. First of all, I read for myself, I continue the career of working as a temporary labourer such as you think, very tired, very numb! What I crossed after wanting oneself is good. Secondly, the main one is for you, it is good that I want you to pass later part of lifetime, it is a bit more relaxed. I must diligent in now, for can base on, Come on in society afterwards. I know the high pressure of you and mother, the younger brother is not healthy, all these expenses want both hands by you to earn. Compared with peer, you are several circles old.
Father, for us, for this family, will you suck less afterwards? Forgive me for exchanging with you in such a way. Your daughter.
In September, the money earned by hard toil that I am carrying them began university life.
Summer vacation, I and younger brother go parents that, unseen for ages reunion, happiness that whole family pass. Skin of my eye is like a hickie, may spread to the whole face too. There were ice and younger brother indoor that day, I said: "If if I hickie this spread get whole face, I can jump out of the building! " The younger brother says: "You will jump out of the building, what will parents do? They will depend on you! " I have too sour to utter a word nose, the younger brother's words are touched to the softest place of my soul! Like in pit of the stomach, ache hammer hammer, ache very much  

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